Associate pastor Call Committee

In August of 2018, Mount Calvary Lutheran Church voted to form a call committee for the purpose of calling an Associate Pastor.  

The members of the committee are Morgan Becker, Jeremy Bierlein, Henry Buck, Rebecca Gierok, Lynn Hedblum, Lauren Millikan, Chris Slania and Jean Taylor.

The call committee seeks to call an Associate Pastor based on the work of the Transition Task Force, which includes a Vision for the Associate Pastor Role, as well as the other strategic planning, demographic research, and the results of Mount Calvary's Congregational Vitality Survey.  Visit the Transition Task Force page to learn more. 

You can stay up to date on the work of the transition task force via this page, the weekly email, the bulletin and by announcements during worship.  You can also contact any member of the committee with questions. 


Nov 25th, 2018 Update

We have completed our round of first interviews with our candidates. We’re very thankful for all of the candidates who took time to talk with us about God’s work here at Mount Calvary. We have learned from each of them.


We are excited to announce that we moving to the round of second interviews in December. During this step, the Call Committee not only has a second, longer interview, but also listens to candidate preaching and checks references.


At the end of the end of this round of second interviews, one of two things will happen:

  • One result is that call committee will recommend a candidate to church council, who would then approve bringing that candidate to the congregation for a vote.  

  • The other result is that no candidate emerges out of this second round of interviews and the Call Committee starts over with a new group of candidates.

Please let us know what questions you have. We will do our best to answer while we respect the confidently of those who are who are considering this call.  


Thank you for your support and your prayers as we do this work on your behalf.