Council & Ministry Teams

Mount Calvary is overseen by a church council elected by the congregation. The current members of the council are listed below. There are also three ministry teams: Property, Finance, and Arts in Worship that work with the staff and the council to manage particular areas of the congregation's ministry.


The Mount Calvary Church Council has general oversight of the life and work of the congregation and assists the pastors, committees, and task forces in planning and coordinating the spiritual and administrative work of the church. Members are elected by the congregation and serve terms of two years.

Council Members:

Jerry Morgan, President

Tamara Anderson, Treasurer

Lauren Millikan, Secretary

Jennifer Becker

Darin Broton

Marie Kvistero

Andy Lees

Abby Reis

Chris Slania

Ministry Teams

Ministry Teams meet to facilitate the spiritual life of the congregation. The Ministry teams and their chairpersons are:

Finance: Tamara Anderson

Property: Bob Grissom

Arts in Worship: Lynn Hedblum