Becoming a member

Membership at Mount Calvary is about coming together to worship, serve, and learn together. As a congregation, we aim to be a community of support and a place where people find strength and encouragement for their faith. Though membership is not required to worship or be involved in the programs we offer, if you feel that you're a part of what we're doing in this congregation, we encourage you to consider membership. We feel that it can deepen your faith and your sense of community as you commit to living out your relationship with Jesus in community with others.

In the past, we have held new member “classes” on Saturday mornings as an opportunity for folks newer to Mount Calvary to get to know others in a similar place and for you and our pastors to begin building a relationship. It is our intent to have a similar gathering outside in the spring and in the fall.

In the meantime, please complete this form and be sure to select that you want to become a member. This will change your status in our database to an official member along with adding your name to the list for our new member gatherings. You are also welcome to email your contact information to Katie Lintelmann at and let her know you would like to become a member.