Become a Worship Leader

We would love to use your gifts in creative ways! If you sing, play an instrument, love to read the Bible, or pray, we can use your gifts in online worship. Please read the details below to sign up for a Sunday.

Music performances

To provide music for worship, e.g. piano, instruments, singing, ringing, that you or we could record ahead and play for worship, send an email to We will work together to fit you in!

Read the prayers

We will give you guidance in writing prayers and provide prayers for you. You'll write two additional prayers, one for something local and one for something current. You'll then record yourself or your family reading the prayers. When finished, send them to by Wednesday morning before that Sunday.

Read the lesson

To read the lesson for a Sunday, we will provide you the reading. You'll need to record yourself reading it and then send your video to by Wednesday morning before that Sunday.

Summer Splendor Sunday, July 26

On Sunday, July 26 we would like to share your photos & video clips scrolling during the offering. We'd love to see the splendor of summer or ways you see our lives being faithful in the world. Send them to by July 15 to be included.

Please note videos are sometimes too large to send in email so there may be a need to use a flash drive or a cloud service and it is very helpful to record your video horizontally for the best quality.

Join AV Club

With Worship being online and live streaming being a new ministry at Mount Calvary, we need your expertise! If you have experience or are interested in learning how to live stream worship, let us know. We'd love to get you trained on this whether it's a simple running of cords or managing the live stream completely - the amount of involvement is up to you!