Congratulations on your engagement!

We are happy to be a part of your life and your wedding. Mount Calvary Lutheran Church performs weddings for all couples, including same-sex couples. God made all of us to be in relationship with others, and we rejoice with you as you begin your lifelong commitment.

God also made us to be in community. As a Christian community, we are committed to supporting you before, during, and after your wedding. We expect couples planning to marry at Mount Calvary to be connected with the congregation, sharing regularly in worship and the life of the church.

Scheduling Your Wedding

When you have selected a date for your wedding, contact the church office to ensure availability for the pastor. Then one of the pastors will see if s/he is available on that date. If a pastor is available, fill out the Wedding Information/Facilities Fee Schedule, which you will receive from the church office. Then the pastor will contact you regarding your wedding date and location. Even though you are not using the church, we still need your contact information, and we need to make sure the date is put on the church calendar.


Please contact the church office for pricing at or (651) 454-2344.