Becoming a member

Membership at Mount Calvary is about coming together to worship, serve, and learn together. You are welcome just as you are. Membership isn't required to worship or be involved in the programs we offer, it's only required to be married here or to serve on Church Council. We encourage membership as it can deepen people's faith and their sense of community as they commit to living out their relationship with Jesus in community with others.

Next Steps

Step 1. Fill out a Household Contact Card, email us at, or call the church office at (651) 454-2344 to let us know you're interested in membership at Mount Calvary.

Step 2. Attend a New Member Class with other interested families.

Step 3. Worship, serve, and get involved in the ministry of Mount Calvary.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a pastor, staff member, or other leader contact the office at (651) 454-2344 or email We'd love to talk!

New Member Classes

New members are welcomed to Mount Calvary anytime throughout the year. We hold up to two membership orientation sessions for new members to interact with the pastors and other new households, learn more about Mount Calvary's programs, and ask any questions about what it means to be a Lutheran or about Mount Calvary. You can also contact one of our pastors to learn more about the church and what is involved in active membership. Children are welcome to attend!

To get on the list for our next New Member Class, complete a Household Contact Card.